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JAPONESQUE’s founder, a professional model, was captivated by the unique makeup tools and palettes used by Japanese makeup artists in Kabuki theater in Japan. Inspired by the artistry, she brought these tools to the US where they eventually found their way to a feature story in Glamour Magazine. This article captured the attention of US makeup artists who wanted these palettes for their clients and JAPONESQUE was born.

Driven by the love of creating beauty, JAPONESQUE has earned the reputation of creating the most refined, innovative and distinctive beauty accessories, makeup brushes and cosmetics in the world.

Favored by celebrated makeup artists and beauty professionals worldwide, JAPONESQUE products are crafted with precision and performance in mind. Exceptional materials, superior craftsmanship and uncompromising standards have allowed us to create a line of coveted products that deliver flawless results. JAPONESQUE is trusted by makeup artists and beauty aficionados alike and has some of the most desired cosmetics and beauty accessories in the world.

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