the beautybar gemstone & birthstone guide

the beautybar gemstone & birthstone guide

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Posted on January 12 2020

the beautybar gemstone & birthstone guide
gemstones have been used for thousands of years and have been used in many different cultures all over the world as sacred tools for healing and enlightenment, and crystal healing is still being used today and is gaining more and more popularity as an alternative medicine technique in western culture. every precious & semi-precious stone is said to have a unique healing power.

    the tradition of the birthstone originated in early judaism, connecting the 12 stones of the priestly breastplate to the 12 months of the year and in some cases the 12 astrological signs. it was said that these 12 stones were used to determine god`s will in situations. this tradition was quickly normalized in not only judaism, but christianity alike. however, modern birthstones in the 21st century have, have little to no connection to religion at all. in the early 1900`s the jewelers of america adopted the 12 birthstones making a few minor tweaks. today, we wear birthstones as an omen of good luck, protection, and is a great way to personalize jewellery not to mention the healing properties of each individual gemstone. 

    we've all heard that certain crystals hold different meanings, but what are they? we've got all the answers for you. this guide will help you chose the perfect stone and the best piece of jewellery to gift just about anyone, with a personal touch. we'll help guide you through our jewellery selection, stone by stone, A - Z. 



    love | abundance | good luck | wealth | longevity | courage & strength | protection & security

    agate is a variety of the chalcedony stone. white agate is known as the "pregnancy stone" and has been said to aid morning sickness and helps with healthy breastfeeding in new mothers. agate is great for boosting the health of your stomach, eyes, and uterus. this makes anything agate (especially white agate) a great gift for new moms or mamas to be!

    check out sydney evan's stunning diamond horn agate charm bracelet!

    astrological sign: gemini


    truth | sincerity | honour | self love | clarity

    amazonite is known for its soothing and calming properties, it has been said that this stone dispells negative energy from those who wear it. allowing us to let go of any grief or sadness we hold within our self and encourages clarity helps us move forward and boosts optimism. any amazonite pieces are great for anyone who has suffered loss for a light in the dark. 

    we love isharya's amazonite statement necklace



    nobility | peace & healing | spiritual awareness | balance | stress relief

    amethyst is another calming stone so much so that it is known as a " spa stone". this crystal is helpful in attaining wisdom and clarity of ones self. amethyst is also known to help people who are battling addiction or compulsive behaviours to remind them of their key values and boosts intuition. this stone also enhances memories, and strengthens dreams, encouraging each wearer to follow their dreams and stick to their intuition. try an amethyst facial roller for ultimate relaxation. 

    calm any room in an instant with kitsch's healing crystal:

    birthstone month: february

    wedding anniversary: 6th year



    emotional balance | vitality | stamina | energy | generosity | kindness | friendliness

    chalcedony is a sacred stone to many north american indigenous cultures. this semi-precious stone is known to boost bonds between friendships, encouraging romantic love to grow from the openness, kindness, and positive energy it gives its wearer. chalcedony is also a great stone to alleviate hostility, irritability, and melancholy, making chalcedony a great gift idea for someone who needs a little pick me up and amazing gift for a close friend. 

    were in love with the sydney evan pink chalcedony and rose gold "love" charm bracelet:


    everlasting love | innocence | purity | fearlessness 

    diamonds are a girls friend, truly. everyone knows diamonds are the symbol of everlasting love. which is what makes them such a great gift for your partner! did you know diamonds are the hardest natural gemstone, this makes any diamond wearer the strongest version of them self, always encouraging them to be fearlessly confident. because of this, diamonds are best for those who are teachers or leaders in their industry. diamonds can also be used in meditation to purify the soul, and provide positive energy. in ancient times, diamonds were used to detox the body to protect from poison. (however, there is no evidence to prove this actually worked) 

    check out alex woo's sterling silver letter e necklace which is decorated in diamonds that are set in solid 14k white gold. this luxurious piece even has a diamond cut chain, to keep it as sparkly as possible! 

    birth month: april

    wedding anniversary: 10th year, 60th year, 75th year


    love | romance | joy | intuition | serenity | clear vision | truth | memory | emotional & physical healing

    emerald is a traditional precious stone, one of the 4 most precious of all gemstones. emeralds are known to boost psychic abilities and boost self knowledge (sound familiar? remember the emerald city in everyones favourite childhood story?). emerald has also been used to help treat insomnia and depression. 

    birthstone month: may

    wedding anniversary: 20th year, 35th year



    passion | sensuality | romance | intimacy | positive thoughts | success | self confidence

    garnet inspires passion & devotion, balancing your sex drive and energy levels, encouraging purity and vitality in your life. garnet is known to sharpen your perceptions of yourself and others and breaks taboos, which encourages ones inner confidence. garnet allows one to open their heart and soul to others and things they may not typically be open to which opens themselves up to live fully and unapologetically. 

    garnet is great gift for a romantic lover or someone discovering a new business venture. 

    leah alexandra created a trio of rose gold and black garnet rings that are best stacked together, or can be worn on their own! chek out the rainbow ring, glint ring, and minor ring

    minor ring - rose gold / black garnet || leah alexandra

    birthstone month: january

    wedding anniversary: 2nd year


    focus | reliability | concentration | optimism | balance | courage | trust | stability | protection

    hematite is well known as the grounding stone for making us feel safe and secure. inviting courage & strength into our lives. it helps you create balance between your mind, body & spirit, encouraging trust and stability.

    hematite is a great stone for someone who is feeling a little out of sorts or is taking a new path that they're unsure of. 

    try out kitsch's hematite plated rhinestone bobby pins

    12pc rhinestone bobby pin set || kitsch || beautybar


    inpiration | creativity | artistic expression

    howlite is a calming stone, known to aid insomnia, ease the mind, teach patience and stimulates desire. howlite is also known to formulate artistic ambitions.

    howlite is a create stone for the creative minded who desire a clear mind to paint their canvas.

    check out the beautiful marble pattern of the howlite stone on sydney evan's white gold & diamond spike bracelet...


    power | strength | leadership | confidence | honesty

    iolite is the stone of inner vision. opening the mind to higher awareness. known for the raw honesty this stone brings, it allows financial clarity and helps with financial responsibility, which is why this stone is also known as the "debt helper" stone. 

    this stone is perfect for someone who desires wealth and power in their life.

    we love shashi's laila gemstone wrap bracelet, which can also be worn as a choker or anklet! 




    stability | fertility | wisdom | serenity | peace | harmony | practicality

    jade is the traditional stone for peace and serenity and signals wisdom in tranquility. this protective stone is great for nurturing, love, and fertility. certain cultures even believe jade brings good luck and fortune. have a green thumb? jade is perfect for you! jade has been known to create great harvests for gardeners and farmers. 

    roll your way into serenity with kitsch's jade facial roller, and lose years off your skin while you do it! 

    birthstone month: march

    wedding anniversary: 12th year


    relaxation | compassion | nurturing | consolation | healing | completion

    jasper is the supportive stone, supporting you through any stresses and consoling you to relaxation & tranquility creating balance with any negative energy. jasper provides courage tackling problems, boosting ones quick thinking.

    support your loved ones by gifting them the vita fede black & white jasper mini titan bracelet.


    transformation | promotes psychic abilities | stimulates imagination | calming | strengthens will

    labradorite is one psychedelic stone. it has been said to boost ones psychic abilities and encourages one to recall past lives. labradorite opens one up to curiosity and strengthens intuition and perseverance.

    this stone is great for that "spirtual gangsta" friend.

    check out leah alexandra's fluency labradorite & rose gold choker


    truth | awareness | wisdom | spiritual clarity | love | purification

    lapis or lapis lazuli is used as a guard against psychic attacks. lapis is said to help you find your destiny within yourself, and gives you the gift of spiritual clarity. it helps you navigate and deal with your inner emotions which helps bond relationships.  

    we're obsessed with vita fede's italian hand crafted luciano cono silver and lapis stone bracelet

     wedding anniversary: 9th year


    happiness | good fortune | nurturing | mothering | unselfishness | easy childbirth | safe travels | fulfilling destiny 

    moonstone is the stone of new beginnings... growth and strength comes with this crystal. moonstone is great for boosting intuition and is known to give good fortune in business ventures as well as in the love department. they stay the stone is good for balancing hormones, which helps with fertility and childbirth.

    moonstone is a great gift for a mama to be or a graduation gift to encourage them to fulfill their destiny.

    currently covetting: leah alexandra's moonstone and gold collar necklace


    purification | fulfillment | transformation | metamorphosis | manifestation | practicality 

    obsidian enhances your truth, which brings out compassion, strength and understanding from within yourself. this stone is known to relieve stress & confusion which leaves room for clarity, clearing all passed traumas.

    italian crafted vida fede's rose gold and snowflake obsidian mini titan bracelet is sure to impress! 


    strength | stamina | consistancy | permanence | firmness | durability | self control

    onyx is a great stone for an athlete or someone who's trying to lose weight. onyx encourages happiness by promoting self confidence, strength & stamina. onyx is known to help self control and encourages you to make good decisions. 

    check out melanie auld's silver and black onyx alexa cuff

     wedding anniversary: 7th year


    love | loyalty | peace | consciousness |  faithfulness

    opal is known as an emotional stone, inflating emotions. the beauty of the opal encourages ones creativity, promoting ones imagination and encourages one to dream. 

     theia created a beautiful brooch including black diamond, opal, and swarovski crystals! 

    birthstone month : october 

    wedding anniversary: 14th year


    purity | honesty | innocence | integrity | focus | tranquility | wisdom

    pearl is best known as the stone of purity & faithfulness. this stone boosts ones integrity which translates to focus and concentration. pearl tames the unruliest of behaviours. 

    avec new york has multiple pieces that include the use of pearl. our fave? the alma pearl stone cluster ring 

    birthstone month : june

    wedding anniversary : 30th year


    intelligence | mental stability | logic | creativity | memory | optimism

    pyrite is the stone often known as "fool's gold" because of its gold iridescence. pyrite is a protection stone, known for its ability to shield against negative energy. this stone boosts your intellect and memory, encouraging ones ability to see behind lies and find the inner truth.

     shashi's rasheeda gemstone wrap bracelet in pyrite is sure show stopper! 

    rose quartz:

    gentle love | kindness | self-love | motherly love | friendship | caring

    rose quartz brings love and peace to relationships, not only romantic, but friendships and mother/daughter relationships alike. this stone is the stone of kindness which heals emotional wounds and restores harmony in a relationship.

    great gift for a friend, mom, daughter, or partner!

     restore your inner harmony with this kitsch rose quartz facial roller


    devotion | happiness | healing | courage | passion | generosity | power & leadership

    ruby is one of the 4 precious stones, making them more valuable than most. ruby is know for good luck & good health. the stone opens the heart to promote love and passion. ruby creates a certain joie de vivre, encouraging joy, spontaneity, and zest in your life! your new found love for life will instill courage and power, for a boost in your leadership. this stone is great for someone embarking a new career path or to build passion with your lover.

    ruby is paired with solid rose gold and green garnet for this absolutely stunning sydney evan skull necklace


    birthstone month: july 

    wedding anniversary: 15th year, 40th year, 80th year


    creativity | intuition | meditation | good luck | wisdom | optimism | friendliness | love | generosity | loyalty

    sapphire is also classified as one of the 4 precious stones. sapphire is widely known as the wisdom stone. although it is known as a blue stone, sapphire comes in a variety of different colours including yellow, pink, white, indigo, green, and even black. they say that the stone is able to relieve symptoms of depression and mental tension, giving you spiritual clarity and peace.

    sydney evans solid rose gold love ring includes pave pink sapphire. valentines gift anyone? ;)

    birthstone month: september

    wedding anniversary:  5th year, 45th year, 70th year


    composure | poise | helps to slow us down

    tanzanite is said to remind us to slow down in our everyday life, to step back and smell the roses, live life with composure & poise. it is believed that tanzanite gives us direction to move onward and upward with optimism.


    birthstone month: December (alongside blue turquoise or zircon)

    wedding anniversary: 24th year


    communication | love | good fortune | good health | attraction

    topaz is known to heal the body in all ways it is needed. it is known to help fight eating disorders and promotes good health within. helping the body's immune system. topaz is known as a stone of love and brings good fortune to those who wear it and helps to stabilize emotions & tempers. 

    leah alexandra created these multi gemstone ear climbers that include tanzanite, london blue topaz, and iolite to add a little zen to your life (and a little sparkle).

    birthstone month: november

    wedding anniversary: 4th year (blue topaz), 23rd year (yellow topaz)


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