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Posted on September 18 2018

next level tools

when you’re ready to embark to the next level, balmain paris hair couture tools perform as amazingly as they are stunning to look at.

balmain developed an innovative far-infrared blow dryer, which has a lot more benefits for your hair than normal blow dryers. this blowdryer is one crazy piece of technology. balmain opted for a far-infrared blowdryer, since the heat of regular blowdryer can be very damaging to your hair.

the far-infared heat penetrates deep into the cortex of the hair and dries it from within which minimizes the risk of hair damage and reduces the drying time. so not only are you taking care of your hair, you will also have your hair stylish with less effort than before! the far-infrared light also contributes to a healthy blood circulation and reduces hair loss. a healthy blood circulation also makes the hair grow longer. the built-in ionic generator creates millions of negative ion particles. the ionic technology allows these particles to seal cuticles, infuse moisture, rehydrate, eliminate frizz and provide a silky smooth end result. some of your best hair moments are ahead.  

an important note: far- infrared rays, a completely safe and deeply penetrative red light source that is the healthiest and most beneficial rays for the human body.  there are blow dryers with infrared and far-infrared. revolutionary as a healthy blow dryer because it goes beyond just drying your hair faster – it promotes healthier hair. and not just by saving you from excess heat damage; the far-infrared bulb emits red light, a known healthy hair simulator. scientific studies have shown red light therapy to affect hair thickness, hair count, and hair density.

hair growth works in three phases: the growth, the rest, and the shedding. what happens when red light therapy is introduced, however, is that the last two phases are sped up. because red light therapy has been found to increase blood flow in the scalp, it in turn has shown to encourage faster metabolism in the aka the follicles that are resting or shedding their hair. this results in a faster production of the new hairs. while no known therapy will work for all types of hair loss- once a follicle has died, there isn’t much likelihood in reviving it- red light therapy has been shown to stimulate follicles that have stopped producing hair to start once more, encourage follicles that have been growing brittle or thin hair to grow healthier hair again.

this is the first blowdryer that i’m not afraid of to use on a daily base, since my hair does look very happy and healthy afterwards. and how pretty is that matt finish? it doesn’t get any more fashionable you guys.

can you get over the golden comb collection?  the unique 24-karat gold-plated comb collection consists of three specific comb. a special tribute to the craft of hairdressing the limited edition styling comb has a unique shape that is ideal for all types of hair. it adds body and shine and reduces frizz. the wide teeth are ideal for detangling wet hair without pulling or breaking the strands.

make way for the latest balmain paris hair couture tool, the cordless straightener.  it’s perfect for traveling, working on location or backstage. the straightener is equipped with titanium floating plate technology, which ensures even distribution of heat and glides easily through hair.

 stay tuned for details on the extensive luxury brush collection....

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