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behind the bar: tasleem

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Posted on August 07 2017

behind the bar: tasleem

the #bosslady shares a little insight on some of her favourite things and what prompted her to create beautybar...

    1. what prompted you to open beautybar?

      beauty counters have been notorious for preying on insecurities and using high pressure tactics to sell products. when I opened beautybar, it was my goal not only to showcase some amazing brands, but primarily to create an environment that was informative, encouraging, to help educate, build confidence, and be empowering to all.

        2. what’s your in-store obsession at the moment?

          while I love almost everything in store, if you had a look at my vanity, you would quickly determine that I am utterly obsessed with all things #oribe and #sundayriley.

            3. are there any makeup trends at the moment that you’re loving?

              whether it's contouring, strobing, blue eyeshadow or cat trends come and go and come back again. I think the way to shine through it all is to be comfortable in your skin starting with doing the best you can to take care of and maintain it. adapt "trends" to suit your personal style and taste rather than go overboard with them.

                4. how do you treat yourself?

                  sometimes it's just simple things like a clean house or fresh flowers that feel like a little treat, but when I need some pampering a foot massage is the ultimate!

                    5. what can we find you doing in your spare time?

                      I love sneaking cuddles with my boys making them squeal at tickle-time but when it's time just for me I love to box, spin, pole, and lately I've been love, love, loving kickboxing.

                        6. what’s your guilty pleasure?

                        a chilled beer, sometimes even two😉

                          7. name 3 (or more) things you cannot live without:

                            my boys (of course)
                            #kevynaucoin brow pencil
                            #oribe dry texturizing spray
                            #sundayriley #luna sleeping night oil

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