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Behind the Bar: Gina

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Posted on February 23 2017

Behind the Bar: Gina

Next up in our behind the bar series we have the lovely Gina! Don’t miss out on this one.. this girl has the ultimate insider product expertise and she’s sharing it this week with all of you!

  1. what is your favorite part about working here? interacting with all our customers. we get to know very interesting people.
  1. what’s your in-store obsession at the moment? i have to admit i am definitely obsessed with my skincare routine right now. Luckily the ‘fresh’ range of products cater to all my skincare needs! I have very sensitive skin but the ‘seaberry’ and ‘ancienne’ products are gentle, soothing and they give my skin a radiant glow.
  1. are there any makeup trends at the moment you are loving? i appreciate that glitter is coming back. one of my favourites to work with are definitely the new smith and cult eyeshadow palettes as well as kevyn aucoin’s starlight powder. i always like a good nude lip.
  1. how do you treat yourself? i do like the little things like a nice bubble bath, a delicious candle, a cup of tea and a good book. that is my perfect treat.
  1. what can we find you doing in your spare time? as i am a full time student, when i have a minute for myself i like going outside, grabbing a Starbucks and clear my head on a nice walk.
  1. what’s your secret guilty pleasure? S T A R B U C K S! (spoil me with a quad venti lactose free extra hot caramel macchiato!)
  1. name 3 things you cannot live without: sir oscar (my cat), crème ancienne and chocolate!

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