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a guide to masking

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Posted on March 02 2017

a guide to masking

with so many masks available in the market now, it can be hard choosing the best one for you. this helpful guide we’ve crafted ourselves here at beautybar should help you simplify the process…


Clay Mask

for oily, congested and/or acne prone skin:

  • fresh umbrian clay purifying mask:
    this clay mask is best suited for normal, oily and acne prone skin types as it helps mattify your complexion and reduce the appearance of pores but without drying the skin. umbrian clay helps balance, purify, and clarify the skin whilst sandalwood oil has astringent properties that help calm skin. chamomile flower and lavender water help soothe the skin, making this mask non-drying to ensure this product leaves you with a healthy glow. to use this purifying mask simply apply a layer on clean dry skin for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse twice a week. This product is available in store only, so on your next visit make sure to snap it up!
  • maskeraide spotted! anti-blemish clear spot patches:
    these pea sized patches are great for the occasional unwelcome visitor. just clean and dry the affected area, peel a sheet off and apply to the active blemish (or any spot where you feel one is coming!). leave it on overnight or throughout the day. a mix of salicylic acid, volcanic ash and tea tree oil will minimize the look of pimples, absorb excess oil and calm redness. truly a miracle worker!
  • jack black deep dive glycolic facial cleanser:
    this one is a guy favourite! we love it’s fresh scent and the squeaky clean feel it leaves on your skin, but on top of that and best of all… it’s a two –in-one! you guessed it, this cleanser can be also used as a mask! to use, simply apply a small amount onto dry face and allow it to dry for 10 minutes once a week. the mask will remove excess oil that clogs pores and produces build up, revealing a smooth and clear complexion.




  • fresh black tea instant perfecting mask:
    this hydrating treatment is high in antioxidants and gorgeously reveals softer, firmer, and overall healthier looking skin. it’s key ingredient, black tea ferment, is an advanced antioxidant that helps protect the skin against wrinkle causing free radicals. upon purchase, you should use this product 2 to 3 times per week and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes each time for maximum effect. again, this product is available in store only, so pay us a visit and our team will be happy to help.
  • fresh black tea firming overnight mask:
    who doesn’t love the effortless “i woke up like this look”? fresh’s overnight mask works in sync with your skin’s nighttime recovery process leaving you with firmer and noticeably more lifted skin in the morning. to use, massage the mask onto the face and neck as you would with a moisturizer, and leave overnight. you can use it as many times per week you want! available in store only, so don’t miss out!



  • fresh rose face mask:
    hydrate, tone and brighten with rose extract! this mask is great for dehydrated skin lacking that glow we all crave. rosewater and cucumber extract soothes and calms skin giving a cooling effect while delivering optimum moisture (which also makes this product great for sunburns FYI). antioxidant rich, this mask will also help brighten and protect. oh, did we mention it has real rose petals in it? available only in store today!
  • fresh crème ancienne ultimate nourishing honey mask:
    this product is simply luxury in a pot! something like in a fairy-tale it’s made by monks in a monastery using real honey! honey has been used for generations for its ability to absorb and retain moisture and in this mask, it delivers 6 hours of supreme nourishment while improving elasticity. the formula is further enriched with echinacea, a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin against environmental stress. this one is well worth the trip in store ladies and gents as it’s currently unavailable online.
  • maskeraide. all-nighter and pre party prep:
    these one-time-use sheet masks are infused with a serum to awaken, refresh, and replenish your skin leaving it plump and radiant. great before a girl’s night out, or to recover from girl’s night out…

fresh hydration


  • fresh vitamin nectar vibrancy-boosting mask:
    a blend of citrus and potent vitamin fruit complex gently exfoliates your skin to give a vibrant glow. vitamin C, E and B5 will refine the appearance of the skin as well as softening, smoothing and improving clarity. To use, massage onto clean dry skin and let it work for about 10 minutes. the refreshing smell of oranges and the look of your skin will leave you smiling ear to ear! available in store only, but well worth the visit!
  • fresh peony overnight mask:
    brighten your complexion and even out your skin tone while you sleep. best suited for skin with pigmentation concerns. to use this product apply a thin layer on your face after your night time skincare routine avoiding the eye area. leave on overnight to wake up with a more hydrated and even complexion! available in store only.
  • sunday riley good genes:
    this customer favourite can multi task as a mask. this treatment is formulated with 40% lactic acid which will plump fine lines, reveal brighter and leave you with not only glowing skin but improved circulation. to use as a mask, apply a generous amount onto clean dry skin and leave on for 30 minutes.

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