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Cobra Candle | Pillar

Cobra Candle | Pillar


Hyper-realistic and intricate, this cobra snake candle is substantial and sculpturally stunning. Made with an intense black wax blend for those perfectly slick and shiny  scales. A simply beautiful decorative piece for any space.      

Made with the finest state of the art non-toxic soy/food grade paraffin, so there will be no frosting. 

Made with sustainably sourced,  including lead-free cotton wicks for a clean burn
Fragrance-free (unscented)

100% soy wax, 100% beeswax; lead-free cotton wick
5”l,  9.5"h; 4"w; net wt. 0.796 kg
Colors available: black

Disclaimer: due to its handmade nature, slight imperfections may occur. 

Made in Canada

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