sara happ

purveyors of luxury lips, Sara Happ Inc is a company of beauty enthusiasts who have set out to do one thing only: create lip products that do exactly what they say they’ll do, every time.

Sara Happ exfoliates, hydrates and heals. all of the products in the range create lasting moisture using ingredients and technology that truly moisturize… all day.

scrub and watch your natural lip color come to life. dullness disappears. flakes be gone. slather on our slip at bedtime. wake up to a cushiony, soft pout that feels brand new. swipe on our slip gloss colors. effortless chic. 

you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

no animal testing, ever. 100% paraben-free, always.
using the highest grade essential oils and extracts, every time.

sara happ plump & prime lip airbrush
sara happ the lip slip luxe lip balm
sara happ the fuchsia slip - luxe gloss
sara happ the peach slip - luxe gloss
sara happ the nude slip - luxe gloss
sara happ the pink slip - luxe gloss
sara happ the ballet slip - luxe gloss

welcome, beauties!

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