riki loves riki designsinnovative lighting and accessories that help professionals and consumers illuminate their work. riki loves riki by glamcor designs and manufactures problem-solving lighting and lighted mirrors using proprietary led technology for professionals of all artistic disciplines, including beauty, entertainment and artisanal. their innovative designs and  technology have made our family-owned company the top choice for celebrities, influencers, industry professionals and consumers in 85 countries. 

riki loves riki has quickly become the go-to standard for forward-thinking, fashionable beauty enthusiasts. cutting-edge lighted mirror products such as the riki skinny, riki tall, riki cutie and the riki graceful have changed the beauty world and enhanced the cachet of several leading beauty brands.

rikilovesriki riki super fine 7x mirror
rikilovesriki riki graceful 7x vanity mirror
rikilovesriki riki colorful mirror palette
rikilovesriki riki skinny mirror

welcome, beauties!

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