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lavandula eau de parfum

lavandula eau de parfum || penhaligon's || beautybar

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created in 2004, Lavandula is a rich and complex blend of herbs, spices, vanilla and woods. on first application, the lavender rushes around you, mingling with soft white cinnamon, green basil and a touch of black pepper. then the hot earthy Provencal nature of the lavender spreads out, touched with muguet and sage becoming grassy green and sharply aromatic. the beauty of this fragrance comes in the dry down as vanilla, musk, amber and the seductive power of tonka bean melt onto the skin. 
 head notes:
 basil, canella and black pepper
 heart notes:
 lavender, clary sage and lily of the valley
 base notes:
 tonka bean, musk, vanilla and amber


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