jane tran

Jane Tran, known for her unique use of semi-precious stones and natural materials, finds her full expression of artistic and design style in her hair jewelry collection.

in 1998, Jane ventured into the fashion industry, where she created a collection of hair jewelry and accessories.  from the beginning, her hair jewelry collection reflected her love of color and texture, incorporating the finest pearls, turquoise, corals, crystals, stones and other semi-precious materials.  as the collection has matured, it has continued to reflect her individuality and her sense of style, where beauty of form and function are marvelously integrated.  today, her hair jewelry collection sets stylish trends with a minimum of fuss for today's modern woman.

in response to strong customer demand, jane launched a new line of hair jewelry focusing on the modern bride, the couture bridal collection.  her bridal designs are classic and timeless, with a modern flair with the delicate use of freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, feathers and swarovski crystals.

jane tran satin headband with crystals
jane tran starry night tie back headband
jane tran mini blossoms garland headband
jane tran zip bag hair accessory set
jane tran thin crochet headband
jane tran printed polyamide headband
jane tran crystal ball knotted headband
jane tran crystal branch ribbon headband
jane tran regal chain barrette
jane tran jane's crown jewel
jane tran blushing willow crystal headband - grey

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