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The one and only Cate Blanchett explained it well: “In order to be striking, a lipstick must take your skin tone into account. The line of Ellis Faas is based on the colours that the body produces naturally. The important thing is finding the balance between the tone of your skin and the shades of makeup you choose.” (InStyle, April 2010)

From the tawny peach of a freckle to the pure, vivid red that pulses through our veins, the ELLIS FAAS Human Colours collection looks to the human palette for inspiration. The colours that exist naturally in our bodies are complex and rich, but they’re also universal, shared by each and every one of us. Based on this universal spectrum, ELLIS FAAS Human Colours complement all skin tones, and when it comes to looking one’s best, what better way to highlight a great feature or mask an imperfection than with tones and hues that already exist in each of us?

The ELLIS FAAS Human Colours inspire exploration: no matter what complexion, age or style, with ELLIS FAAS a woman can customise her own look with subtle effects or dramatic flair with colours that are sure to complement and flatter.

OF COURSE, all ELLIS FAAS products are “cruelty-free”, which has officially been acknowledged by PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA.org). In fact, our suppliers stopped using animal-tested ingredients long before that became a law. This is why we are happy to tell you again and again:

ELLIS FAAS – Only Tested On Supermodels®

Besides that: most ELLIS FAAS products are suitable for Vegans, except for the mascaras (beeswax) and Creamy Eyes (beeswax) and a couple of Lips that contain Carmine (L101/L108/L201/L203/L205/L301). Everything else is vegan, so ALL Hot Lips, ALL Eyeliners, ALL Lights, ALL foundations, ALL Concealers, ALL Blushes, ALL Compact Powders, ALL Glow Ups: ALL vegan.

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