dayna decker

prepare yourself for a completely unique experience. alluring ambience steered by a passion to take the familiar and rethink, reshape and recreate it into something intoxicatingly unique. DayNa Decker juxtaposes glamorous elegance with clean edged minimalism enveloped in style and well-being. you will be enraptured by the sensuousness of the forms, intrigued by the pureness of the ingredients, hypnotized by the richness of the fragrances and aroused by the rhythmic sounds of completely unique concepts. DayNa Decker offers an assortment of luxurious candles, oil diffusers and bath & body products that capture both the essence and beauty of nature and chic, elegant designs that indulge all of the senses. precious essential oils derived from rare and exotic flowers and botanicals are sourced from across the globe to create our signature complex, sophisticated sensual scents. arouse the senses and intrigue the soul. rejuvenate your spirit and nurture your habitat. DayNa Decker transforms a simple space into a sanctuary for life.
dayna decker atelier diffuser refills

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