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your best #selfie

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Posted on November 10 2017

your best #selfie

as a makeup artist, I try to make sure I'm putting my best face forward at all times. every day clients ask me how to get that killer instagram worthy selfie shot so I'm sharing my secrets!

first you've got to start with a great base. personally I love to put on a primer that makes my skin feel flawless and soft and top it with my favourite full coverage foundation. I suggest the edward bess complexion correcting mouse foundation for the ultimate flawless but never-cakey look!

next pick the eye shadow of your choice for the event your attending. personally I love a soft rose gold tone on my eyes and I use my false lashes to determine if it's a super glam night or a softer look! try flutter mink lashes in "barb" for the perfect holiday gaze.

once your eyes and foundation are complete we work on a little highlight and contour. please remember with these two products that a little goes a long way! use james read tantour sculpting duo to create a soft contour under the cheekbones, under the jawline for a more defined jaw and along the sides of the nose if you'd like a slimmer look.  pop the scott barnes diamond dust on the cheek bones, brow bones and on the cupid's bow of the lips to create a glowy-dewy look that makes your selfie pop! finish the cheeks with a soft blush of your choice.

last but not least paint the lips in any colour you love from bold red to soft nudes, every colour looks great in a selfie if you're wearing a colour that gives you confidence! top it off with some gloss and you’re ready for your iphone moment:)

now, most importantly FIND THE LIGHT! don't take a selfie in any area that is backlit, sidelit or dark. look for daylight if it's available or bright lights that are shining equally on both sides of your face. I personally like to face a window straight-on for the best light. once you've found your light, set your camera up on the windowsill and set your timer for 3-10 seconds. the timer allows you to step away from the camera so you avoid the double chin and long arm in the photo that generally makes our selfies ugh-worthy. as you press the camera button step away slightly and smile! take a few images and I'm sure you'll find the perfect selfie in there!  once you nail it, tag us on insta, we want to see!! @beautybar4thave and @kellytrerisebeauty 

XO kelly

kelly trerise is a professional makeup artist who has been glamming up clients for over 17 years!  she's one half of the boudoir Dream Team at jennifer williams boudoir studio and we're excited to have her be our guest blogger on taking the perfect #selfie

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