March 17, 2017

we are excited to announce that oribe beauty is finally unveiling their make-up, skincare and body care product range!

the award winning hair collection is famous for high quality performance products, treatment based formulas and luxurious packaging and their new beauty range reflects this. with carefully formulated products and exceptional packaging, we are sure you will become #oribeobsessed.

good news for all you make-up junkies…

the lacquer high-shine nail polish in 3 sophisticated shades, fit for every occasion; the red, the nude and the violet. it really doesn’t get any better than this… high shine, chip resistant, long lasting wear and 8-free formula (meaning free of those nasty chemicals that so often hide in our beauty products).

tip! get the perfectly coordinated look and match it with your lip lust crème lipstick.

these lip lust crème lipsticks are also available in 3 classic and universally flattering shades. the red, the nude, the violet. these lipsticks radiate rich color with a satin finish while keeping your lips moisturized and plumped.

the oribe illuminating face palettes are available in sunlit and moonlit. highlight blush and bronze tones with this dazzling 3-in-1 palette. mix them all together for an all over glow, or use each color separately for a more sculpted and contoured look. the silky soft and ultra-fine formula will give your skin a non-powdery natural glow.

tip! try it on your eyes for a fresh, wide-eyed look. sweep the bronzer shade over your crease, a small amount of the blusher over the lid and finish up with the highlight on the inner corner and brow bone .

balmessence lip treatment has quickly become or new favourite lip balm. with a smooth non-sticky texture, this lip balm prevents your lips from becoming dry and protects them from the elements while plumping and rejuvenating your pout. plus balmessence is the perfect size to carry with you at all times.

skin care

daily ritual cream face cleanser washes well-away makeup, dirt, oil and impurities. a small dollop will go a long way, just add water and watch it lather up. this cleanser will leave your skin refreshed and clean without that “tight” feeling – this is jaime’s favourite pick!

radiant drops golden face oil is a delightful blend of 13 natural oils that soften your skin and improve elasticity, with added protection against environmental damage.

night ceremony ultra-rich cream is an overnight treatment cream with and anti-aging complex that deeply moisturizes and reverses the visible signs of aging, all while you sleep! wake-up to nourished, soft and luminous skin.

gold envy luminous face mask -  this anti-aging and hydrating mask is infused with actual particles of gold -  yes you read that right! gold particles help instantly illuminate and brighten your skin while oribe’s youth-restoring complex restores softness and elasticity for healthier, fresher-looking skin.

thankfully they did not forget the body is a temple…

the cote d’azur replenishing body wash is here. bathe yourself in this luxurious signature oribe cote d”azur fragrance. aside from having the cote d’azur fragrance that loyal oribe fans know and love, this luxurious body wash leaves your skin silky soft and well hydrated.

cote d’azur restorative body cream not only smells great but this body cream is also loaded with yummy ingredients to improve firmness, moisture and elasticity. now you can smell like oribe from head to toe!

it seemed to us that all that was missing from the hair range was brushes and hair accessories, so it made sense to add in the classic oribe fashion range with luxurious round hair brushes and accessories.

the round brushes are available in two sizes, medium (59mm diameter) and large (70mm diameter). made with high-quality boar bristles and european beechwood, these brushes give you a beautiful static-free blowout. a detachable hair sectioner hides at the base of the brush to separate hair while styling it.

the 3 gorgeous hair accessories add a modern and sophisticated twist to your hair style, whether it be for every day or a special occasion!

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