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Best Gifts For Mom This Mother's Day

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Posted on April 18 2021

Best Gifts For Mom This Mother's Day

Mom; the most important woman in your life. How on earth do you pick out the perfect gift for the woman who brought you into this world? We've got you covered. Being a mom is the worlds toughest job, so make sure you treat all the moms in your life like the queens they are, and we've got some tips on how you can show them how much you appreciate them.


For the bougie mama who loves luxury, these classy mother's day gifts are perfect. (top left) Sydney Evan Solid White Gold and Diamond "mom" Necklace would definitely be our top pick! how could you not love this dainty, fine piece that truly captures your love for mom. Is mom the type who craves exclusivity? check out the Balmain Limited Edition Silver Patent Gift Set (top right), which includes a luxurious scalp massaging nylon hair brush, decadent organic argan hair serum, and Balmain's iconic leave-in conditioner, with a bonus patent silver gift bag. Need more? Level up moms luxury with the absolutely stunning,  mini 24k gold boar hair brush set that comes with a classic 24 karat gold compact mirror, and a bonus size Balmain silk hair perfume (middle).. Is mom's bathroom filled with Oribe? if so, she'd love the Oribe hair & body oil and Eau de parfum (bottom left). Last but definitely not least, share your love for mom with a white gold and diamond "love" ring by Sydney Evan. (bottom right)

Did mom pick up a new Covid hobby? or maybe shes always tended a beautiful garden... either way, she'd definitely adore any (or all) of these next items. Show her you care with hand care like the Oribe Refining hand scrub (middle), beautypro hand masks (bottom left), and Murphy & Daughters Hand Cream (top right). Enhance her Gardening experience with the adorable Two's Company gardening tools (bottom right) & sheers (top left)!

Whether they're stay-at-home moms, single moms, or moms who dot it all, all moms work in overdrive and deserve a break every now and again to recharge. Give back to mom by giving her a chance to have a self care day, because she deserves it! Some of our fave de stressers are the brand new Cottage Greenhouse items including the fruits relaxation kit, that comes with a hand & body lotion, bubbling milk bath, salt scrub, and lip balm in some of their iconic scents (top left). The Cottage Greenhouse also makes a couple of super cute and mega relaxing bath products including the rosemary mint honey bath oil (top right) & the violette & fig bath salt soak (bottom left). Another top contender for relaxation? The detox babe bye-bye stress anti-stress bath soak will surely have your mom destressed into complete relaxation. (bottom right)

Take mum on a spiritual journey to unconditional love and self healing or just help her manifest her greatest dreams, aspirations, and feelings with these next few items. Open up moms third eye with the rose quartz infused sleep mask that comes with 4 crystals for her own to charge under the moon as she sleeps (top left). show her that you love her, unconditionally, with the heart-shaped rose quartz healing crystal from kitsch, so she can keep you close to her heart (top right). Allow her to manifest all her greatest desires with the Moon and Jai manifest ritual kit (middle), which includes labradorite, quartz, sage smudge, palo santo stick, & a selenite wand. Gift the gift of joy, by giving mom the crystals for joy gift pack (bottom left). For intuition, insight, & a peaceful state of mind, while boosting circulation, easing tension, & promoting radiance, the amethyst beauty booster from free flow botanicals will truly do it all. (bottom right)

Does your mom love to play with makeup and is up to date on all the trendy beauty tricks? this ones for you. Beauty tools are seriously trending right now, especially in the middle of the pandemic when its getting harder and harder to get an appointment at our go-to spas. especially with all the extra stressers in our day to day lives. no problem, bring the spa home to mom with the kitsch ice roller (top left) to help her boost circulation, release tension, and reduce puffiness. Paired with the ESW juice cleanse sheet masks (bottom right) this is the beauty lovers dream gift. Speaking of boosting circulation and releasing tension, the Free Flow Botanicals white jade gua sha (top right), is awesome for draining any excess fluid under the skin and reducing puffiness caused by day to day agressors and lack of sleep and or water. Have you heard the rumours? we've got all the brand new Scott Barnes makeup!! Including this incredible snatural eyeshadow palette filled with all the best natural shades to enhance moms natural beauty. Another newbie to beautybar? Spoil Me Beautiful plant based lip glosses (bottom left)! mom will feel truly spoiled with any one of these stunning glosses.

whether mom still lives in the home you grew up in, or shes started fresh, her home will always feel sentimental when you visit, because shes there. Gift her back the comfort and warmth she creates in her home by just being there. Oribe hand wash (top left) uplifts any bathroom, elevating the space to luxury. There's no reason why cleaning cant be luxe, that's why we recommend the Barr-Co surface cleaner (top right), to bring elegance back into cleaning. Is mom the family host during all the holidays? bring something to the table with the DL & Co. set of chandelier plates to uplift any dinner party table (middle).  The scent of home is so important in creating the perfect ambiance... for true warmth, the Lollia wish room diffuser (bottom left), diffuses the fragrance of sugared pastille throughout any space. Another warm fave? The Voluspa milk rose hearth candle (bottom right) truly warms the spirit.

Shes the mother of your children, and we get it, there's truly nothing you could buy that could possibly repay her for everything shes done. But, with the Sydney Evan solid white gold & diamond "taken" necklace (top left), you'll get pretty darn close! another top pick for your honey, is the cottage greenhouse cucumber and honey foaming bubble bath (top right). spend the night with deepening your connection & pull your bond closer once the kids are asleep with the Moon and Jai heart opening connection ritual kit (middle), cleanse each others energy, learn about one another's love language, meditate and hold space for each other, give the gift of connection. bathe her skin with shea butter with the Lollia relax whipped body butter (bottom left) and help her release some of the weight off of her shoulders. Last, but not least, show her how much you love her with the Sydney Evan pink chalcedony, solid rose gold and diamond "love" bracelet, so she can feel your love anywhere she goes.


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