February 16, 2017

next up in our get to know us series is Michelle! find out her pick for best doughnut in Vancouver and her current beautybar obsession... how did she choose!

  1. what is your favourite part about working here?
    being surrounded by all my favourite products, getting to learn all about them and sharing them with our clients.
  1. what’s your current in-store obsession?
    smith and cult nail polishes! they’re the only nail polishes that stay on my nails.
  1. are there any makeup trends you’re loving at the moment?
    i like seeing more skin instead of foundation so I’m glad the skin-like luminous look is making a comeback.
  1. how do you treat yourself?
    i like to treat myself every Saturday before work with a Lucky’s doughnut but they’re so decadent I only allow myself one.
  1. what can we find you doing in your spare time?
    cuddling my cat under a blanket whilst reading a good sci-fi book.
  1. what’s your guilty pleasure?
    every now and then I enjoy listening to emo music. it brings out the teenager in me!
  1. any fun facts about yourself you’d like to share?
    i do my dad’s makeup every year for the Vancouver Zombie Walk. some of the most popular costumes have been zombie spock and zombie joker.
  1. name 3 things you cannot live without:
    skin care, cats, and doughnuts.

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