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Beauty Begins Within: The Rundown on Adaptogens

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Posted on January 25 2021

Beauty Begins Within: The Rundown on Adaptogens
you’ve heard it and we’ve said it a thousand times. beauty begins within.

as simple as a ritual of gratitude to an evening of yoga the small actions you take everyday to enhance your physical and mental well being will not go unnoticed on the outside too.

we’ve selected a few of our fave brands to help you get started on the path to better health and promoting that beautiful glow that beams from a healthy mind, body and heart. as the new year is often a great time to set new intentions and begin new habits we hope you take the opportunity to include some of these amazing options below.

this curated selection includes small batch, eco friendly, organic and women owned businesses.

more details on adaptogens below…

apothékary is a plant-based farmacy that elevates one’s everyday wellness of mind and body. reinventing the traditional pharmacy, apothékary offers natural alternatives to synthetic over-the-counter drugs and beauty products. with seven signature blends and 25+ single herbs all offerings are rooted in the science and holistic modalities of traditional eastern medicine. all products undergo meticulous r&d and are not meant to be quick fixes but highly potent blends meant to stand the test of time.
when first experiencing the benefits of adaptogens, founders of droplet were going through some of the most stressful times in their lives. suddenly with bounds of more energy, more focus, they found that they were able to manage stress with ease and there was no turning back. it was truly a game-changer. everyone knows that it’s not always easy to find time to be healthy, especially when life is happening so fast but by combining these stress-balancing ingredients with the simple indulgence of a delicious sparkling beverage, the aim is to make it easier for you to take care of yourself. droplet’s mission is to bring joy and nutritional value to your daily self-care routine. from the artwork on their packaging to the intentions behind the flavors, droplet hopes to inspire women everywhere to live their healthiest lives with the help of their products.

beauty bar chocolate
Candice Puthawala is a certified holistic health coach & plant based chef. after dealing with major burnout and autoimmune issues she worked on healing herself from the inside out. she removed sugars from her diet and added in superfoods, adaptogens, and collagen. she fell in love with chocolate, and decided to create a beauty chocolate brand that would help people feel glowing and peaceful from the inside out. beauty bar chocolate is a fair-trade dark chocolate that is free of sugars, dairy, fillers and filled with superfoods, adaptogens, and collagen. she uses high quality ingredients in her bars. there are currently 6 bars in the collection and it's growing all the time. each box is hand-wrapped and hand-crated with love. taking a moment for a couple bites of delicious, adaptogenic-rich chocolate is wonderful way to slow down take a moment to breathe, find gratitude, and set your intentions. beauty bar chocolate has been featured in Forbes, Sunset Magazine, Byrdie, The Chalkboard Mag, Angeleno, BuzzFeed, and more.

what is an adaptogen?
‘adaptogen’ has been a buzzword in beauty and skincare for a while now, but there’s a reason this category of plant-derived ingredients may feel a little extra buzzy right now. they’re all about addressing stress. since we’re all dealing with that a bit more than usual at the moment, people are looking for all the help they can get.
said to thwart signs of aging, soothe irritation, and make your skin glow, the idea is that adaptogens help your body, well, adapt to all the stressors life throws at you (think: pollution, oxidation, UV rays, etc.), so it can better fend them off.
the list of adaptogens is long, and their use dates back centuries in chinese and aryuvedic medicine. a few you might recognize:
ashwagandha, elderberry, ginseng, licorice root, neem, moringa, reishi mushrooms
nyc based board certified dermatologist Dendy Engleman, MD, explains many in the industry find them exciting because they could help fend off damage from environmental aggressors — like UVA and UVB rays — before it happens. “adaptogens interact with our hormones on a cellular level, as opposed to addressing the symptoms,” she says. “we see that [they] can lower our body’s stress response by interfering with released compounds as they are happening and prevent them from signaling overproduction, which can have wonderful implications for acne, wounds, hydration, and more.”
who might see the most benefit?
anyone with compromised skin (read: dry, sensitive, redness, uneven texture)

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