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Posted on May 19 2016


it all started with a vibrant red typewriter. probably not the usual inspiration for a beauty line, unless you are Jane Schub, that is!

STRANGEBEAUTIFUL is a line of highly pigmented, creamy, luxury lacquers that are not only based on colour, but packaging and concept. the lacquers are inspired by a unique range of subjects from the colour and finish of a slick orca, to metallic shards of shale; each shade crafted and based on Jane’s obsessions and instincts.

‘the blacks’ collection comes in 3 varieties and the larger library style pigment collections will hit our shelves soon. 'DOSE' is the capsule collection from the line – it’s a lighthearted approach to nail cravings and is a remedy for the manicure-obsessed. each pill bottle holds a triplet of glass capsules, and the shades are cheerful, impulsive, addictive and wonderfully whimsical. each lacquer is 3-free, so no nasty chemicals to worry about, either.

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