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the ultimate concealer guide

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Posted on May 19 2016

the ultimate concealer guide

concealer. it’s a trusty pal we rely on time after time. did you know that it can be used in multiple ways? working at camouflaging dark under eyes, erasing redness, and even brightening and highlighting, it’s pretty much a multitasking master (just like you, right?!).

so, how can you make the most out of one faithful product? grab one of our fave concealers from ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics Kevyn Aucoin theBalm tarte cosmetics, refer to this handy guide, and you’ll master the technique in no time!

before you get started, you’ll need two shades of concealer, one that matches your skin tone to conceal (called out in our graphic in orange), and one a shade lighter to highlight (called out in white)! and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend so the product melts seamlessly into the skin.

above and below the brow: blend a small amount of concealer on top of and underneath the brows (on the brow bone) making the brows pop, and opening the eyes.

inner corners and under the eyes: that dark half moon under the eyes is our target zone. conceal only that blue-ish or brown-ish semicircle. applying concealer over the entire undereye area can give that racoon effect that we’re not so hot on.

across the bridge and down the center of the nose: this technique brings light to the center of your face and slenderizes the nose.

around each nostril: prone to redness thanks to broken capillaries (or a spring cold!), concealing discolouration around the nose will help the complexion appear even in tone.

the outside corners of the mouth: concealing the outer corners of the mouth gives the illusion of a smooth, upturned mouth (to show off that gorge smile!)

center of the chin: conceal redness and shadows by blending a small semicircle of concealer right at the crease in the chin.

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