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The fresh list: january

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Posted on January 01 2016

The fresh list: january

what better time to treat yourself to something than january? it's chilly, maybe you didn't get exactly what you had on your christmas list, and, hey, retail therapy is sometimes exactly what we need. here's what we welcomed into the boutique this month:

TOCCA margaux eau de parfum (velvety petals of green gardenia, amber, and violet), candele da viaggio (for the world traveller, complete with a matchbox for on-the-go relaxation... maybe not on the plane, but in your hotel room, at least) and meet the girls set.

DayNa Decker santal rouge + orris floraisson chandels, diffusers and cleansers (these are truly the ultimate in luxury).

Fresh patchouli soap , crème ancienne honey mask (hello, moisture!), black tea eye concentrate (the black tea is an antioxidant powerhouse acting like an ‘immortal elixir’)
+ soy eye makeup remover (gently removes eye makeup, even the waterproof variety!)

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