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Posted on May 19 2016

Get Catty

ring in fall with the perfect cat eye (meow!)

the cat eye is both a timeless and retro look that we cannot get enough of! easily the most notable bombshell look of them all, this look is all about technique. no matter the season, you will always see a cat eye or two walking the runway at the fashion shows, and fall 2013 is no different.

mastering the art of the cat eye takes practice (and patience), but fear not – we have some tips and tricks, and of course, products you can find at beautybar, to get you there!

whether you use a felt tip pen liquid liner or a soft and smudgy-er pencil liner, the technique is the same. here’s the foolproof method to getting that very wearable graduated line, with a sharp and crisp tapered, swept tip.


1. tarte multipEYE lash enhancing liquid liner (just in case you needed an excuse to wear the cat eye look, this liner helps your lashes grow the more you wear it)

2. geisha ink (deeply pigmented, smudge-proof and waterproof; perfect for those long, hectic days)

3. edward bess defining eyeliner (get it soft and smokey, or keep the line sharp and crisp with this creamy pencil liner)

4. kevyn aucoin (this felt tip liner gives you a greater control thanks to the pen shape and extra grip)


connect the dots - getting the eyes even is half the battle, and that’s where we start. place a tiny dot on each eye at the outer corner where you want the liner to end and then connect that dot to your lashline. but, wait… how do you know where the liner should end? well, look straight into the mirror and pretend an imaginary line is connecting the outer edge of your eye to the outer corner of the brow. that’s your sweet spot so pick a point in that zone and you’re golden!

what’s your angle - angling your mirror underneath your eyes, so you have to look down into it with a tilted chin, smooth the eyelid to give you that super sharp and seamless line.

just go with it – be fearless and attempt to get the line completed in one fell swoop. that way, you will avoid that shaky hand thing which doesn’t work so well with these detailed techniques! hey, it’s only makeup, so if you falter, just wipe it clean with a makeup remover soaked cotton swab, and give it another go.

voilà, you now have the perfect, sultry cat eye you sexy lady, you!


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