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Behind the bar: Rhiannon

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Posted on May 19 2016

Behind the bar: Rhiannon

We're going behind the bar to introduce you to the beauty guru's at beautybar!

First up, we're introducing the lovely Rhiannon! find out what her fave fall beauty trend is and what she orders at starbucks (hint, she's a regular!)

1. How long have you worked with beautybar?:

1 year

2. Fave fall beauty look/trend?:

Wine/berry lips. My fave wine colours we carry are ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics - L102 and Kevyn Aucoin - Everlasting.

3. What are your current in-store faves?:

Okay, it is literally impossible to pick a favourite product! It depends whether you are looking for makeup, home, selfcare, skincare etc., but I will try my best to choose!

Makeup: Edward Bess lipgloss because it is the longest wearing lipgloss I have ever worn and there are so many colours to jazz up any lipstick!

Home: Laudrée candles because once they are lit, they will fill any room with their amazing scents. You can burn different fragrances together since a lot of their scents complement each other.

Last but not least, selfcare: I have to choose DayNa Decker Moisturizers because they are unlike any other body moisturizer and are oil based. You need very little so a tube goes a long way, and they make your skin feel silky smooth especially just after shaving your legs. They also come in many different exotic scents for every woman!

4. Who is your beauty icon?:

I believe less is more especially when it comes to makeup and Jennifer Aniston is my go-to-person when I am looking for inspirational, beautiful, natural looks. I grew up watching her show "Friends" which is how I grew to know/love her. She always looks stunning, and gorgeous and I believe it's because she uses makeup to enhance her unique features instead of trying to hide/change them. Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of the "no makeup" makeup look which is what I try to go for.

5. Fun fact:

I love animals whether its my dog, Zula (cutest puggle ever!), or the wild animals of Africa (which I have travelled to on numerous occasions and is my favourite place to go).

6. Where can we find you dining on the weekend?:

At The Eatery on Broadway and Collingwood with the love of my life, Tobi.

7. What is your coffee order?:

(You should ask them, they know it off-hand!) Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.

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